My goal is to retire in five years. It can be your goal, too

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Why now?

Call me a crazy Millennial who wants it all, well… I sort of do. I want to have a family, I want to travel, I want to volunteer more, I want to invest in startups. The difference is that I’m willing to live frugally for a few years so that I can reap the ultimate reward: financial freedom.


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Top 5 Travel Hacks

Confession: I’m on Bumble and I’m also in a committed relationship.  Before you start judging me, let me clarify that I’m on Bumble BFF.  Why?  Well, I recently moved to Colorado and am having a Read more…


Why I’m Starting a Blog

Welcome to the first post of my blog! Thanks for making it this far, and I hope I’ll still have your attention by the end of this inaugural first post. I’ve dabbled in blogging before. Read more…